Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain's gifts

In the 2004 Presidential election, Republicans took a quote from John Kerry about his vote on Iraq war funding and rode it all the way to a Bush win. Karl Rove described it as "the gift that kept on giving".

Well, it's Christmas for the Democrats at last. Besides the video above, we've got a lot of nuggets from the senator:

  1. You're not rich until you have $5 million
  2. His expectations for more wars and a 50-year stay in Iraq, that he disagrees with the majority of American people, and admitting that he flip-flopped on an issue for political expediency in this video.
  3. Unable to recall how many homes he own. If the senator wants to learn, he could take this Google Earth tour of his homes.
  4. Predicting a swift and decisive victory in Iraq, then later claiming "we all knew it would be a long, hard effort"
  5. Recalling the Beach Boy's song Barbara Ann with the modified lyric "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran". When he later says he's proud of this, did he think this would produce a landslide of votes from undecided hawks?
  6. Saying he doesn't know much about economics, then later denying he ever said it, and claiming economics is a strong point for him.

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