Friday, May 9, 2008

Links to Interesting and Fun Stuff

Just found today: a funny car commercial with a tie-in to "The Transformers" movie.

A really well-written introduction to post-modernism. Ironically it's written for a Christian audience, but it's pretty spot-on with the detail.

A collection of fantastic ship wreck photos.

Someone found a way to get a camera inside the cylinder of a car engine. It really does work exactly like they tell you in the illustrations!

I just like this cartoon of overly aggressive customer service. Another geeky cartoon by the same artist.

Ain't it the truth: life summed up in a one-panel cartoon.

In case you ever have to imitate him on SNL, learn how to talk like Frank Sinatra.

This page is served up by a web server operating off of a single AAA battery. There is also a photo of its predecessor, which ran on potato power. is a site full of rare and memorable TV clips. Here is rare clip of Sinatra and Presley singing together.

Mix some samba music, including girl singers whispering "kitchee koo".

If you have small children, you may have had a lot of fun giggling over the sneezing panda. Now check out the spoof.

If you missed "There Will Be Blood" at the movies this year, you should get around to watching this fantastic film. A lot of people are having fun over the ending scene with the line "I drink your milkshake!" Here is SNL's spoof of the scene; here's a YouTube video by Brandon Hardesty.

Speaking of SNL, they did a great sendup of the Elliott Spitzer press conference earlier this year. Here's the original; here is the SNL spoof.

Here's a great flashmob kind of event, where 16 actors staged a 'spontaneous' musical in the food court of a Los Angeles shopping mall.

The president of Tribune Interactive, where I work, hates meetings and has actually banned them from being held by anyone in the company for a whole week. I plan to show him this cartoon.

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