Monday, May 12, 2008

I Look Like THAT Guy?

A few minutes ago I was waiting by the elevator at the Tribune, and the following conversation took place:

Guy: Oh, while I've got you Andy, could you forward that email to the rest of the group?
Me: (Does a 360 around self and sees that there is nobody else nearby) I'm sorry, do we know each other?
Guy: (Embarassed) Oh, I do apologize, you look exactly like someone I work with.
Me: What's his name? I'll look up his photo on the HR site.
Guy: Andrew Countryman. You will be shocked at how much you two look exactly alike.

Nothing is more disappointing when someone picks up on all the wrong features when they compare you to someone else. I think we all probably think we still look like we did when we were 25. Like say, my old Northwestern photo.

But no, apparently I look more like Andrew Countryman (left).

Well I've got a surprise for him when someday someone tells him he looks like me. Here is my awful Tribune company photo (right).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Andy is my cousin and your Tribune photo looks nothing like him, but the picture at the top of the blog does.

Enjoy the disguise!