Monday, April 28, 2008

iPodia - iPhone-optimized WikiPedia

I just replaced the Wikipedia Safari link on my iPhone with a link to iPodia. It will bring up a WikiPedia gateway that renders everything in iPhone-friendly output (see the pic of the home page). It's not loads kind of slow and it interprets input a little differently than the real Wikipedia...but definitely very useful.

Another one I just found is Wapedia.

While I was searching for this, I also found an iPhone app called Geopedia that will use the internal GPS to bring up Wikipedia references to items that are currently geographically close to you.

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Asmadeus said...

i thought iPods were supposed to display the "REAL" web. NOT pre-formatted. LAME!!! L-A-M-E!!! By the way, how does cut-n-paste working out for you? I've been using wapedia for years and it's lightning fast. Nice to see you catching up to technology.